Birthing at home for the first time…..

These past few months have brought quite a few new babies into the world!  Most of these births were to mothers who had birthed their older children in the hospital.  A few of the women were having their last baby, and wanted to have the experience of giving birth at home.  Some had good hospital experiences, and knew they were capable of birthing at home ( or in a field, or the ocean ) with no issue!  The last group of women, were choosing home birth because their last birth experience was taken from them.  They felt unheard, rushed, and scared to make decisions they felt bullied into making.  For all of these women, their births healed a part of their heart.  One of these babies came so quickly, her grandmother caught her!  ( I got there 10 minutes later!  Her daughter’s labor was less than an hour!! ) The mother was overjoyed with her experience of having her baby this way!  She felt is was the most empowering experience she’d ever had in her life.  She will carry those feelings with her for the rest of her life; the strength and power and amazement of bringing her daughter into the world on her own.


With this birth, she is healed from her past birth’s.

Giving birth at home can be healing.  As a midwife, I do my best to make the space for my clients to find their way to what they need from their birth experiences.  Much of the time we spend together prenatally, is talking, mostly about what is going on for them during the time we are meeting.  We talk about the upcoming birth, what their fears are and what we can do together to help get her through.

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