Birth Center Midwife

It’s been a long time in the works, but Certified Professional Midwife’s are now able to attend births at Birth Centers in New Jersey!

I am so excited to offer this option for clients! Maybe you are considering a home birth rather than a hospital delivery but still aren’t entirely certain which is right for you. The Birth Center is a great option to consider! The Birth Center can provide you with comfort and flexibility including water birth in the most amazing birthing tubs!

Prenatal visits would still be offered in one of my 2 office locations as well as home visits when possible.

When in labor, I will meet you and the rest of your birth team at the birth center to help you get you settled in for the birth. Vital signs for you and your and baby are checked frequently.  There are many tools available in your birth room – birth balls, birth stool, the shower, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) if you need it, as well as the tub or shower.

Once baby is born, they go from your body, to your arms.  Baby is skin to skin and you both are tucked into bed, making sure both mama and baby are doing well.  We cut the umbilical cord after about an hour and then do the newborn exam, just as I would at a home birth. After about 4 hours or so, you’ll go home to your own bed.

You will see me again in about 2 days after the birth at your home and again a week later, checking on you and your baby.  The birth center offers hearing screenings, newborn screenings which would be done a few days after the birth.

I look forward to helping to bring more babies into the world, wherever my clients are most comfortable and I am so grateful to have this new option of the birth center. With each woman I meet and each baby I help into the world, it is reaffirmed how truly blessed I am to have been chosen, by them, to guide them through the life changing experience of pregnancy, childbirth and beyond…..