About New Birth Experiences

My home birth services are devoted to providing comprehensive, holistic care and support throughout the pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding experience for those families choosing home birth. I am committed to creating an environment where a woman and her family feels nurtured, safe and secure, where their personal preferences are respected and their physical and emotional well being are enhanced. I practice “watchful guarding” of the natural process of pregnancy and childbirth, offering sensitive support and gentle encouragement, while intervening only as necessary to ensure the safety and well-being of mother and baby.

I welcome your questions and honor your individual needs and concerns, as we aim for you to have a healthful and profoundly positive birth experience. I see pregnancy and birth as sacred and miraculous—a rite of passage into motherhood, a powerful experience that enhances personal growth, inner strength, and deepens family closeness. I view birth as a normal part of family life, and we have confidence in a woman’s ability to grow and birth her baby. I honor a woman’s inner wisdom about her body and desire to labor and birth in her own unique way.

At home women and their families can truly benefit from the ancient art and sound traditions of genuine midwifery care, that has proven it’s worth around the world and throughout history.

Dina Aurichio

My interest in the field of childbirth began in 1992. After the birth of my son, Dillon, in a typical interventive hospital setting, I enrolled with the Association of Labor Assistants and childbirth Educators (ALACE) to become a Certified child birth Educator. I continued my education to become a Certified Labor Assistant.

I enrolled with the Association of Labor Assistants and child birth Educators (ALACE) to become a Certified child birth Educator. I continued my education to become a Certified Labor Assistant.

In the midst of this I gave birth to my second son, Cole – also in a hospital setting, though his birth was very different than that of his brother’s. Through consumer-based child birth classes I was much more informed about my choices and had a very positive experience with the help of a trained doula who assisted my husband and me through an empowering pregnancy and birth.

After Cole’s birth, I began attending births as a labor assistant, in both home and hospital settings. In 1994 I also completed certification with the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA). A thriving practice in South Carolina kept me very busy teaching classes, attending births as a doula, writing for local and international publications and volunteering at the Charleston Center for Women. It was during this time that I began my studies toward becoming a midwife.

In 1998 my daughter, Skylar, was born at home with the assistance of a midwife and a wonderful doula who helped welcome our daughter into our arms along with other friends and family.

It was during my pregnancy with Skylar that I began my training in midwifery as a Licensed Midwifery Apprentice as well as enrolling in a midwifery acedemic program through Apprentice Acedemics.

A Transition To New Jersey

We relocated to New Jersey in 1999 where both my husband and I had grown up. I began an apprenticeship with a home birth midwifery group in addition to my beginning academic studies through the National College of Midwifery. In January 2005 I completed my program and graduated with an Associate of Science in Midwifery degree. In addition to becoming a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM), I am a Licensed Midwife in the state of New Jersey.

Currently, I am welcoming babies into the world throughout the wonderful state of New Jersey as well as volunteering on the, New Jersey State Midwifery Liasion Committee. I have also become a preceptor for the National College of Midwifery and am currently a preceptor for students who wish to become Certified Professional Midwives, such as myself.

Jamie Davison-Ortiz

My passion and love for the birth process came after the birth of my first child 10 years ago. At the tender age of 23, I planned an assisted home birth with a group of midwives in Austin, Texas. I didn’t know much about the world, but I did know birthing in the hospital didn’t feel right for me. The moment I pulled my daughter to my chest, surrounded by the love and support of my midwives, my entire life changed. 

Shortly after her birth, I became a certified birth doula with Birth Arts International. I have been working within the birth community for over nine years now as both a birth doula and a certified placenta encapsulator. It was not until the day I accidentally caught a doula client’s baby that I realized midwifery was the next stepping stone in my path. You never, ever forget your first catch!

I enrolled in Midwives College of Utah in January of 2021 where I am pursuing my Bachelors in Midwifery to go on to become a Certified Professional Midwife through the North American Registry of Midwives.

I am an advocate for Midwifery led care for all low-risk women, as well as being wildly passionate about empowering women during their birthing experiences. I have learned and grown from each birth I have attended. I am humbled over, and over again, and I hope I never stop learning on this journey. 

I have a passion for teaching, client education being one of my favorite things to do. I find great joy in giving parents a solid foundation as they enter parenthood, or the techniques needed to adjust to their growing family. There is something so wildly special about seeing a new family thrive in the postpartum period. When not attending births, encapsulating placentas, or teaching workshops, I am a wife, a mother, and an avid lover of all things outdoors. 

Carly Vermeal

My calling for birth work started with a traumatic first birth, but has opened my eyes to the beauty that is child birth. I began educating myself which resulted in discovering what a doula was. I felt in my heart if I was able to rewrite my birth narrative, then I can be that person for others.

I began attending births as a doula in November 2021. Along this journey, I became pregnant with my third child and was able to experience the difference the midwifery model of care can make. As I carried my child in my womb, attending mostly hospital births as a doula, I saw so many women not being heard or respected. I felt this urgency to become a midwife myself, because all women deserve to be supported. Birth is a natural event that sometimes needs medical attention and not the other way around. I was so inspired to make this my life’s work that I enrolled at the National College of Midwifery September 2022. 

I have not only been a victim myself but witnessed how our culture has stripped women of their birthing power.

I have had three very different personal experiences with three very different births myself. One very medicalized birth turned into cesarean, one unmedicated vbac in a hospital and my last birth was at a birth center !

My hope and passion is to help other women feel the power that comes when their autonomy is left intact!  I believe that birth is sacred. I believe in you and your ability to birth. I hold space for the spiritual, the physical, the emotional. I am here to help you with your fears, your hopes, and your dreams. In January 2023 I decided to attend a reiki 1 and 2 training. I have been incorporating this spiritual modality when requested. The pairing on energy work within the birth space has had a magical impact on my clients and my own personal enlightenment.

I believe that every woman deserves to birth in a way that is safe for her and her baby, in a way that assures she feels honored and supported.