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Birthing at home for the first time…..

These past few months have brought quite a few new babies into the world!  Most of these births were to mothers who had birthed their older children in the hospital.  A few of the women were having their last baby, and wanted to have the experience of giving birth at home.  Some had good hospital… Read more »

The first few weeks after giving birth…..

I have had more than a few discussions this week with first time parents about the first few weeks after giving birth and what that should really look like.  I have pretty stringent “rules” for my home birth mama’s about what they should be doing postpartum. Staying in bed and only getting up to use… Read more »

A midwife-mama relationship

I have been thinking a lot lately of the relationship between a midwife and her clients.  When a woman is looking for a midwife to attend her birth at home, I believe she has the expectation that this person she is looking for will help to educate her about her choices and empower her through her… Read more »

Support for your home birth

Often during prenatal visits my clients and I discuss who they’d like to have at their home the day of their birth.  Some will have a doula, some family and/or friends.  Many choose to have their children with them, with a caretaker there specifically for the child.  Whoever my clients choose to have with them,… Read more »

Postpartum home visits

There is something so very special about caring for a woman and her baby in her own home.  There is a sense of peace and sacredness in her own space in the days following her baby’s birth.  No matter if this is her first or fifth baby, that energy is still present and revered. I will… Read more »

Welcoming Caleb

Sunday night we went to our church’s youth group meeting, It was a final goodbye to the youth pastor and he wanted to go out with a prayer and worship service. So I spent the evening losing myself in worship, getting prayed over and reconnecting with God. My relationship with God has suffered a lot… Read more »

A long awaited postpartum visit….

Yesterday one of my very dear clients came for her postpartum visit. Her baby was 6 months old already, and this was the first time I was seeing her since her 2 week postpartum visit! She is a busy mama, now having 3 babies! When we first met, she was in her 5th month of… Read more »