Using Water to Manage Labor Pain

Home Birth with Mid Wife

Many woman get uncomfortable thinking of the pain associated with childbirth. Although epidurals do a great job reducing the pain, there are still many risks attached to receiving an epidural during delivery. If you’re looking for a natural, unmedicated alternative for pain relief, consider water immersion.

Most hospitals avoid using any form of water therapy during delivery. Ice packs, showers, hot packs, and cold washcloths are just a few examples of water therapy used during labor.

Let’s learn the many benefits of using water in labor and birth: 

Water Immersion

When you’re in labor, entering a pool of water can offer instant pain relief, freedom of movement, less stress on joints and hormones, increased endorphins and oxytocin, and, most importantly, a feeling of safety. Compared to being in a hospital bed, a woman in the tub tends to be more independent and in control of their birth. You have the freedom to play around with positions that are most comfortable for you, while still being guided by an experienced and professional midwife. 

Water Birth Allows a More Independent Delivery 

Did you know that the buoyancy of the water will help you and your baby float? When women give birth while immersed in water, they can comfortably maintain more upright positions, which will help them catch their babies. Delivering the baby by yourself is one of the most special and exhilarating feelings a woman can have. Your midwife will be by your side the entire time, coaching you, and ensuring everything is safe. 

Women are More Tolerant to Sensations Associated with Delivery

When women are birthing in water, they are less likely to have a laceration because they are more tolerant of the delivery’s sensations. Whereas when they’re not in the water, they are more susceptible to feeling pain and pressure. When birthing in a tub, women can deliver in supported positions that will help reduce lacerations. 

Questions About Water Birth? 

If you are new to the concept of home birth and water birth, you might have a few questions. Please feel free to contact the professionals at New Birth Experience with any questions or to discuss your needs! 

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