How To Know if a Natural Home Birth is Right for You

An animated man and woman in a small pool while the woman gives birth

Giving birth is a seminal experience in a woman’s life. It’s a daunting task, of course, but one a mother will look back with pride for the rest of her life. Considering how rare and special the experience is and the fact that you’ll be bringing a life into the world, you will have a lot to think about before the baby comes.

One such consideration you’ll have is where to give birth. You may have heard that the home birth has risen in popularity in recent years. But how do you know it’s right for you? These factors will tell you:

Natural Birth

If you’re interested in a home birth, you want to deliver your baby without any of the contemporary medical interventions. That means no pain medications, no labor induction and no fetal heart rate monitoring. It also means the delivery will not be assisted with forceps or any other kind of medical tool. The birthing process could involve just you, a midwife and whatever loved ones you want present.

Familiarity and Control

Hospitals can be scary and off-putting places, through no fault of the people who work at them. Many of us have negative mental associations with hospitals either because of a past illness or perhaps even the death of a loved one. It can be more comfortable and less intimidating to give birth in the familiarity of your home.

Additionally, a home birth hands control back to you as the birth giver. There are no medical professionals telling you what to do in a room you’ve never been in before. Just a midwife to help you through the process.

Health Considerations

A person who’s considering natural home birth should be sure that they’re a low-risk pregnancy and won’t require any medical intervention. Some common examples of those who should not give birth at home are those who pregnant with more than one baby, those who have a prior C-section and those whose babies haven’t settled into a position for headfirst delivery.

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