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Home-Birth-of-Orion-300x251I woke up to mild cramping Sunday morning September 30th around 3am; it was one day before my due date. It was a full moon, the harvest moon. I had been preparing myself for this day for 9 months and here it was there was no turning back. I was ready; I wanted to meet my baby. The week leading up to this day I was doing every natural induction I read, going on long walks, eating pineapple and basil, drinking gallons of red raspberry tea. As I lay in bed feeling tighten in my belly, I thought ok this is going to take a while probably a few days so I shouldn’t get too excited. I closed my eyes and went back to sleep for a few hours. I woke up again around 5am still with mild cramping. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to say anything to my husband yet, I had no other signs I was in labor. I felt if I said anything too early I would jinx myself and labor would stop. I waited another hour before telling him I thought I might be in labor. He was so excited and started questioning me how far apart my contractions were, how long they were lasting, and what was more important how close they were together or how long they lasted. Ugh, I did not like all these questions and I told him that in a not so nice way. I felt cranky and didn’t want to be bothered. My hormones and emotions were at in all time high! I went back to bed, as I lay there through waves of contractions more emotions started to surface. I didn’t feel so ready anymore. My whole life was about to change. I felt scared. I called my husband to lay down with me. He hugged me and I cried. He gave me the words of encouragement I needed to hear to bring me strength to birth our baby. After I cried I felt a weight had been lifted, it was going to be ok my husband was there to support me through it all. 7am Back in good spirits, I call my sister (Rebekah, a student midwife and Doula) to let her know I think I might be in labor. Rebekah tells me to relax and rest as much as I can. She says it will be awhile and to call her in a few hours if anything changes. I make myself some oat straw and red raspberry tea, something I’ve been drinking by the gallon the past few weeks.

9am Dominick starts timing my contraction’s with a special app on his phone, it gives him something to do with his nervous energy  I make myself a big breakfast and drink more tea.
10am Contractions are still very mild. I sit on the birthing ball swaying my hips and telling my baby I can’t wait to meet them.
12pm I call Rebekah to check in, my contractions are getting closer together but still very mild. She tells me I’m doing wonderful and to make sure I’m getting plenty of fluids.

2pm Dom and I take a walk on the beach. On the way there a couple asks how many weeks I am and jokingly state not to go into labor right then. I smile politely but feel annoyed and don’t want to be bothered by anyone. The beach is beautiful; it is low tide with a refreshing September breeze. As I walk contractions are becoming more intense, I welcome the change in intensity. I now need to stop, breathe, and lightly hum through each contraction. Dom holds me and rubs my shoulders and back through each one. I feel completely supported and loved. I let myself surrender and imagine sinking into the sand.

3pm Rebekah calls and asks how I am doing, my contractions are about 5 minutes apart and each one grows more intense.

4pm I have some bloody show and feel excitement that I am coming closer to meeting my baby. I call my midwife to inform her that I think this is the real deal.

5pm I call Rebekah, I feel I need to have her with me. As I am on the phone with her I have a contraction and moan loudly through it. Rebekah says she will be right over! She could tell from the way I sounded I was getting close to having my baby.

6pm my labor is really starting to pick up in intensity; my contractions are lasting longer and getting closer together. With each one I have to stop, lean over on Dominick, and vocalize with a low deep moan. I feel like I can handle the strength of the contraction with the tone and depth of my voice.

7pm Rebekah arrives as I am having a contraction, she puts her hands on my hips and I feel relief and tension melt away. Having her here gives me a boost of confidence, strength, and a sense of peace.
Dom and Rebekah start to fill the birthing pool. My contractions continue to build in intensity. With each contraction my moans grow louder and stronger. I have the primal urge to vocalize to the intensity of what I’m feeling. Hands massage me as I sway and sing, I don’t know if they are Dom’s or Rebekah’s.

8pm I get in the pool, the water melts over me and takes the edge off. I let myself float and relax completely. The water is soothing and warm. I talk to my baby telling him/her what a good job he/she is doing. I allow my body to soften and open, letting my baby move down. Another contraction hits and my whole body heats up. The water is no longer soothing, I feel uncomfortable hot. Rebekah brings me a cold cloth for my head and suggests getting out after the next contraction.
After getting out of the pool I have the urge to use the bathroom. As I sit down on the toilet a surge hits me, its intensity is double of the last one. I get off the toilet, I need to stand and sway my hips to handle the intensity.

water-birth-300x2289pm the contractions are now on top of each other, I am getting no brake in between. I am standing over the sink with the water running franticly moving my hand under the water. I am trying to find any distraction to take me away from these contractions. Nothing is working. My mom comes in. I am crying that I need a break. My mom and Rebekah try to soothe me, telling me I’m so close and my body is getting ready to deliver my baby. My moans are no longer helping me get through the contractions. My fourth contraction in a row I roar a big fat fuck and then throw up. A sign I am transitioning. I feel some relief with the distraction of throwing up.

water-birth-2-300x2259:30pm my midwife Dina shows up. She tells me I’m doing wonderful and checks my blood pressure and baby’s heart rate. I start to shake and my teethe chatter, another sign that I am in transition.

10pm I get back in the pool and let out a sign of relief. I finally get a break between contractions. This relief doesn’t last long as I get the most intense contraction yet, I feel defeated. I want to escape these feelings. My mom places here hands on me and I feel her
absorbing some on my tension. I look at Dominick and he is beaming at me telling me what a great job I am doing. The contraction passes and I melt under the water just my belly poking out. I image in a few more hours I will be holding my sweet baby in my arms.

10:20pm with the next contraction my body takes over and I feel myself involuntarily bear down and push. I find comfort in this new sensation of pushing. I reach down and feel my baby’s soft mushy head. My contractions space out and I enjoy the break. I am completely in the moment and feel content. I push with the next few contractions and no longer enjoy the sensation of pushing. Dina suggests I move to a squat position to help the baby move down, I don’t want to move fearing the new position will bring on more intensity. Rebekah and my mom convince me to give the squat position a try. As I get into the new position, Dom decides it’s a good time to put on his swim suit and join me in the pool. A contraction hits me and I feel baby move down, for I brief moment I think Dom won’t make it back in time for the birth. I wonder what is taking him so long even though in reality he was gone for under a minute. Dom comes back beaming in his swim trunks ready to join me in the pool; I have no desire for him to join me. Another contraction hits me and I feel a lot of pressure. I switch positions again, I lean back against the pool and Dom comes around to rub my shoulders. With the next contraction I feel an intense burning, I am positive I am ripping apart. Dina and Rebekah come around to help guide the baby out. Dina tells me not to push, baby has their hand up by their face and the cord wrapped around their head. I feel a brief moment of fear, but Dina and Rebekah work so fast moving the hand and cord out of the way with the next contraction I am able to push and release babies head. Ahh sweet relief! Another contraction and a big push my baby comes out and I catch him in my hands. I bring him up out of the water and place him directly on my chest. I look down between my sweet babies legs, it’s a boy! I am in aww, my sweet baby boy. New-Birth-Experiences-New-Born-300x233Orion looks directly at his daddy with bright curious eyes. He feels so tiny in my arms and I ask my sister if he is ok, she smiles and laughs and tells me he is perfect. Orion Giovanni Solazzo was born at 10:43pm on September 30, 2012. He was 7lbs 14ozs, 21 inches long. When I look back at my birth I feel truly empowered and completely supported throughout the process. I wouldn’t change a thing. It was wonderful to labor with just my husband during the day and having the support of my mom and sister towards the end.
Birth is Truly Magical!

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