4 Tips on Having a Natural Birth

Home Birthing Tips

Over the past few years, more expecting mothers have been interested in giving birth naturally. Giving birth is a beautiful process and many mothers are making the switch to natural births because they want to be fully present in their experience, without the use of pain relievers and other drugs.

Whether you’re planning to get pregnant, or you’re in the process of deciding how you want to deliver, here are 4 things you can practice if you want to have a natural birth:

Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, you’re introduced to a whole new list of rules that you need to follow. Although some are pretty clear, others are more confusing, such as the rules for staying active. Back in the day, moms to be were discouraged from doing much of any physical activity because they believed that strenuous exercise would divert blood and oxygen away from the baby.

Although you shouldn’t overdo it with your workouts, you should remain active throughout your pregnancy, especially if you’re planning to have a natural birth. Doing just 30 minutes of moderate exercise can help lower your risk of developing complications, boost and regulate your mood, and help manage your weight.

Taking Care of Your Pelvis

Because we spend most of our day sitting down, this can cause our pelvis to compress. A compressed pelvis can make your birth more difficult, painful, and in extreme cases, impossible.

During your pregnancy, make sure you’re caring for your pelvis by getting chiropractic care, acupuncture, practicing prenatal yoga, or other pelvic exercises!

Find a Doula

If you’re planning an at-home birth, make sure you have a solid support system to help guide you through the process. A doula is a perfect person to have by your side during these times because they are trained to support you and help you achieve a natural birthing experience.

Plan to Birth in Water

There’s a reason why water births are becoming more popular. Birthing in water will help soothe your muscles and reduce your need for an epidural. Not only does birthing in the water keep you in the proper upright position, but it also helps you feel less tense and promotes relaxation.

If you’re interested in delivering in water, and you want to learn more about the concept of home birthing and water birthing, please contact New Birth Experience!

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