Home Birth Midwife in Spring Lake NJ

Childbirth is a part of woman’s life that is a not only natural and beautiful, but a sacred event encompassing the mind, body and soul. Choosing a home birth midwife in Spring Lake, NJ is the first step in delivering your baby at home. As your midwife, my role is to provide support and guidance to the mother during the birthing process and enhance the family’s unity. Having your baby in the comfort of your own home with a home birth midwife is an empowering decision and I look forward to walking you through the details!

Preconception Counseling in Spring Lake NJ

Countless roadblocks can prevent women from a desired pregnancy and several of those roadblocks can be conquered with preconception counseling in Spring Lake, NJ. Beginning with a consultation, we will discuss fertility, nutrition and whether or not your pregnancy is low or high risk. One of the main points in preconception counseling is help with actually conceiving by tracking your cycle and other factors that determine when you are ovulating. It is an important step for those who cannot conceive easily and may need a little extra help.

Home Water Birth in Spring Lake NJ

When you make the decision to deliver at home, you also have the option to experience a Spring Lake, NJ home water birth like no other. In a birthing tub, the mother can relax while moving positions while the water holds the baby’s weight. Mom, spouses or midwives can “catch” the baby during a home water birth and labor itself is known to be physically easier in the water. This muscle relaxing option is growing more popular, even though women have been delivering in water to ease labor pains for thousands of years!

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