Home Birth Midwives in Scotch Plains, NJ

Welcome your newborn into the world
in the safety of your own home

Choosing The Right Place of Birth and a Midwife You Can Trust

Pregnancy, birth, and postpartum are all life-changing experiences for women to go through. Because this is a monumental time, you’re going to want to choose the right place of birth and the best midwife in Scotch Plains, NJ, to enhance the birthing experience.

That’s why many families have decided to choose birthing at home with the support of midwifery. Home births are an excellent option because people tend to appreciate that this method promotes a more relaxed, comforting, and less painful experience. Now more than ever, families have decided to make the switch to home birthing to avoid potential contact with COVID-19.

Water Birth Right at Your Home in Scotch Plains, NJ.

One of the most popular options for a home birth experience is water birth. Water will help promote a more relaxed, comforting, and less painful experience. Laboring in water can help provide extra relief between contractions that you usually wouldn’t experience during regular labor.

When the child is born he/she has the freedom of movement within familiar fluid surroundings. The water will offer a familiar comfort after the stress of birth, that will reassure the child and allow their bodily systems time to organize.

What to Expect with Your Home Birth Experience

Because families often have questions about home birthing, we figured we’d highlight some of our services to help you develop a better understanding of home birthing and water births at home.

Doesn’t a Doctor Need to See The Baby Right Away? 

Your midwives in Scotch Plains, NJ, are trained to provide care for moms and babies during pregnancy and after birth! The midwife will complete a newborn exam after birth, and if anything is not normal, we’ll talk about plans for your baby to see a pediatric care provider.

What do I Need to Get Ready for a Home Birth?

You only need to gather a few standard supplies such as clean sheets, towels, receiving blankets and have food and beverages on hand for your labor and postpartum. Your homebirth midwives will bring all the medical equipment needed!

Preconception Counseling Services

An important part of the midwifery practice at New Birth Experiences is to offer complimentary preconception consultations for women considering a home birth for a future pregnancy. As soon as you start thinking about becoming pregnant, contact one of our midwives in Scotch Plains, NJ, to set up your preconception counseling services!