Home Birth Midwife in Red Bank NJ

There are a variety of decisions to make once you decide it’s time to start your family or add onto it. One decision you will make is where and how you want to give birth. You can deliver at a hospital, birthing center or even in your own home. As a home birth midwife in Red Bank, NJ I am a Licensed & Certified Professional Midwife and can help your dreams of a home birthing experience come true. At my midwifery practice I offer beginning to end care, sometimes starting before you conceive. Preconception counseling is available for education on fertility, to pinpoint when you are ovulating, nutritional counseling and more.

Preconception Counseling in Red Bank NJ

Sometimes, conceiving a child isn’t a simple process and in those cases, Red Bank, NJ preconception counseling plays a key role in fertility. Education is key during this process and knowing your body is the most important factor. Together, we will track your menstrual cycles, basal body temperature and cervical mucus changes. As a home birth midwife, I understand that childbirth is complex that encompasses the mind, body and spirit. If you’re ready to get started, give me a call to set up your free consultation.

Home Water Birth in Red Bank NJ

There are countless reasons why a home water birth is an excellent choice for mothers who decide to deliver at home. From relaxing the perineum to lowering the mother’s adrenaline and releasing endorphins to reduce pain, warm water and birthing tubs make for an easier labor. Home water birth in Red Bank, NJ allows the mother or spouse to “catch” the baby (or leave it to the midwife, we’re used to it) and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Contact either location to make an appointment and I look forward to working with you as your home birth midwife in Reb Bank, NJ for home water birth, home birth and preconception counseling.