Home Birth Midwife in Plainsboro NJ

As a Licensed, Certified Professional home birth midwife in Plainsboro, NJ I have the experience to guide you through your childbirth process from beginning to end. I begin with complimentary preconception counseling, unless you’re already expecting that is, that starts with a consultation to make sure you are a good candidate for a home birth. Low risk pregnancies are perfect for home births while high risk pregnancies are safer in a hospital. As a home birth midwife I will help with nutritional counseling, exercises that are safe, massages, hydrotherapy and more.

Preconception Counseling in Plainsboro NJ

If you’re looking to conceive and use a home birth midwife in Plainsboro, NJ, preconception counseling is your first step. I can help educate you on the fertility process and pinpoint when you are ovulating by tracking measurable such as basal body temperature and your menstrual cycles. Fertility is a complex miracle involving the mind, body and spirit, so contact me to get the process started with a consultation for preconception counseling in Plainsboro, NJ.

Home Water Birth in Plainsboro NJ

The beauty of having a home water birth in Plainsboro, NJ and the surrounding areas is that childbirth is actually easier on your body in the birthing tub and warm water. Less stress is put on your body by allowing the water to carry the weight of the baby and allow the mother to move into different positions with more ease. Entering the warm water during your home water birth allows the perineum to soften, lets your body naturally reduce the mother’s adrenaline and produces endorphins to help with pain relief. It’s a beautiful option when already considering a home birth in Plainsboro, NJ.

Start or extend your family by calling either office location to make an appointment, I look forward to helping you and your family!