Home Birth Midwife in Morristown NJ

The home birthing experience is beautiful and natural, but not to be taken lightly. Having a licensed and certified Morristown, NJ home birth midwife in your home is extremely important for your safety, as well as your baby’s. I offer complete home birth midwife care, including prenatal and postpartum care for both the mother and child. Also available is nutritional counseling, homeopathy and prenatal massage. My office is located in Branchburg, NJ and I now have a second office available for your convenience in Ocean Grove, NJ. Click here for more information on the philosophy of my home birth midwifery services in Morristown, NJ.

Home Water Birth in Morristown NJ

Over the years, home water births have become increasingly popular among women who want to pursue a natural path of childbirth. There are many women who choose to have a home birth, but not necessarily a home water birth in their Morristown, NJ home. Water births can provide a smooth transition for your baby by allowing them to exit the amniotic fluid gently and enter immediately into the water. Mothers who choose to have home water births are more likely to reduce their stress during childbirth, and also reduce the chance of tearing due to the water softening the perineum. At 36 weeks, one of three inflatable tubs I offer will be delivered to your Morristown home during that home visit / checkup. For additional details on home water births in Morristown, NJ, visit our home water birth FAQ page.

Preconception Counseling in Morristown NJ

If you’re unfamiliar with preconception counseling, it is the education of your menstrual cycle and body signs to increase the changes of fertility and conception. Knowing about your body and cycle are not only the first step in fertility awareness, but the most important. By keeping logs of your bodily changes including cycle dates and basal body temperature, I can tell you when you are ovulating so you can prepare to conceive. Eliminating stressors surrounding you is also crucial to the success of your fertility, both in conceiving and in carrying your baby to term. Morristown preconception counseling is included in the midwife services offered, so there’s nothing to worry about.

If you are looking to begin or extend your family using a Licensed, Certified Professional Midwife near Morristown, NJ, give me a call today!