Home Birth Midwife in Millburn NJ

Childbirth is a sacred, natural event that occurs and there are a variety of ways to approach it. As a home birth midwife in Millburn, NJ I offer midwifery services from preconception counseling all the way through to postpartum care. As a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) as well as a Licensed Midwife (LM) in Millburn I have the experience and passion to deliver the most pleasant childbirth experience possible for you and your loved ones. After your child is born, I provide a newborn exam as your Millburn, NJ home birth midwife to make sure everything is ok with your baby. It’s always important to have a pediatrician by 36 weeks gestation with contact information available in case of emergency, this way if after the exam your newborn needs to be seen, you can contact them immediately.

Home Water Birth in Millburn NJ

Home water births works very similar to regular home births with the obvious distinction being a birthing tub. Entering the warm water will help the mother relax while endorphins are released to help with pain relief. Your baby will also have a gentle transition into the world (caught by either you, your spouse or myself) by flowing from the amniotic fluid into the birthing tub. At your 36 week appointment, I will bring one of three birthing tubs so it’s readily available when you go into labor. Call for a free consultation about the possibilities of having a home water birth in Millburn, NJ. It’s truly a completely difference experience, like no other.

Preconception Counseling in Millburn NJ

Fertility awareness is the first step in conception and knowing about your menstrual cycles is vital. Preconception counseling in Millburn, NJ begins by a free consultation. During the process we can discover when you are ovulating by documenting your cycle, keeping a chart of your basal body temperature and noting any changes in your cervical mucus plug. Also available in my Millburn, NJ preconception counseling is education on nutrition, supplements, safe exercises and what to avoid for a successful pregnancy. At times, I also refer mothers to specialists including reiki practitioners and yoga teachers for assistance in bringing the mother to an ideal state of mind and working on physical health. Contact either location today to make an appointment for a Millburn preconception counseling consultation today!