Home Birth Midwife in Middletown NJ

Understanding the process of natural childbirth can be extremely intimidating. Where do you start, what are your options, what should you expect during childbirth itself? As a home birth midwife near Middletown, NJ, I offer natural childbirth services to mothers throughout New Jersey. Currently, I have an office in Branchburg and now one in Ocean Grove and I am licensed and certified to educate and treat expecting mothers in Middletown and the rest of NJ.

As a home birth midwife in Middletown, I’m here to help you through the most beautiful time in your life, the safest way possible. Visit our home birth midwife page to read more about having a natural home birth in your NJ home.

Preconception Counseling in Middletown NJ

Knowing about your body and how it works plays an essential role in conception. From your menstrual cycle to fertility, the midwife services I offer also include preconception counseling in Middletown, NJ and throughout New Jersey. During this process, I will guide you through learning your body’s signals of fertility. One way to do this is by tracking your cycles, basal body temperature, and also notating any sign of cervical mucus changes as this can be a sign that you may be ovulating. For more information on these services, visit our Middletown preconception counseling page.

Home Water Birth in Middletown NJ

Having a home birth with a midwife involved doesn’t mean you have to have a home water birth, but it’s most definitely an option. Natural childbirth at home is a beautiful thing and having a licensed and certified midwife is the safest way to do that. When meeting during your pregnancy, we will be able to go over the steps and what to expect during your home water birth in Middletown, NJ. Home water births are becoming quite popular and can reduce the stress and fears you have as an expecting mother. This is also a great way to provide your baby with a smooth transition from exiting the amniotic fluid and entering the water. From Brick to Middletown, home water births are available, visit our water birth FAQ page for more information!

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