Home Birth Midwife in Cranford NJ

Hospitals childbirth and home births offer a completely different experience for childbirth. As a home birth midwife in Cranford, NJ I know that high risk pregnancies are safest in a hospital with consistent monitoring, while low risk pregnancies are perfect for home births. Having a safe and all-natural home birth is a beautiful experience for both mothers and families. The safest way to experience this is to have a Cranford, NJ home birth midwife like myself!

Preconception Counseling in Cranford NJ

It’s not every day you choose to take the first step towards beginning or expanding your family. However, if today is the day, preconception counseling in Cranford, NJ is where you begin. As a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Midwife (LM) I offer free consultations where we discuss fertility, including ovulation. This complimentary part of my practice offers education on nutrition, exercises that are safe during your pregnancy and even which supplements are recommended. Start your journey by contacting either of my locations for free preconception counseling in Cranford, NJ.

Home Water Birth in Cranford NJ

Having a natural childbirth can be scary if you have a low tolerance for pain. The great thing about having a home water birth in Cranford, NJ is that once your body enters the warm water, natural hormones and endorphins are released to aid in pain relief and adrenaline is lowered which helps the mother relax. Home water births guide newborns out with less tearing by softening the perineum and reducing the chance of needing stitches. At your 36 week appointment, you can expect me to bring a birthing tub in preparation for your home water birth in Cranford, NJ.

Contact either of my locations if you’re looking to begin or extend your family in Cranford, NJ today!