Home Birth Midwife in Colts Neck NJ

Choosing to start a family is a wonderful time in couple’s lives and if you already have children, expanding your family is just as thrilling. As a home birth midwife in Colts Neck, NJ I offer preconception counseling, prenatal care, home child birth and postpartum care for both mother and baby. Home births are growing exceedingly popular as mothers are learning that their childbirth experience doesn’t have to be in a hospital. Deciding on a home birth means nowhere to rush to, being in the comfort of your own home and having as many people around as you need or want.

Preconception Counseling in Colts Neck NJ

Knowing your body is an important part of conceiving and it’s something that I can definitely help with. I offer preconception counseling in Colts Neck, NJ that begins with a consultation to decide if the mother is a good candidate for home birth. Preconception counseling includes help in tracking your cycle, cervical mucus plug changes and basal body temperature to determine when the mother is ovulating. I also offer nutritional counseling and help with supplements and stress relief. Preconception counseling in Colts Neck, NJ is the first step, take it by calling either location!

Home Water Birth in Colts Neck NJ

For mothers interested in a home water birth in Colts Neck, this is also an option. Home water births are physically easier, allowing the perineum to soften making it easier to deliver without tearing. Since the warm water relaxes the mother, it allows the body to produce natural hormones called endorphins to help with the pain. If home water birth is chosen, I will bring a birthing tub to the in-home 36 week checkup. Visit our page on home water birth in Colts Neck, NJ for more details.

I look forward to being your home birth midwife in Colts Neck, NJ, contact either office today to make an appointment!