Home Birth Midwife in Brick NJ

New Birth Experiences provides midwife and natural childbirth services to the expecting mothers of Brick, NJ who are interested in experiencing home births or water births in the comfort of their own home. The homebirth experience is a safe process beginning with preconception counseling, followed by prenatal and postpartum care. In your Brick, NJ home birth you have the ability to walk around, take baths or showers and set the surroundings with the vibe you choose to bring your child into. Your home birth midwife of Brick, NJ will assess your health to make sure your pregnancy is low risk, you’re in good mental and physical health and that your pregnancy is progressing as it should.

Preconception Counseling in Brick NJ

Getting to the stage of pregnancy is not always as easy route. As your home birth midwife I also provide you with preconception counseling in Brick, NJ. This is a vital step in the conception process as it follows and tracks your menstrual cycle, times of ovulation and provides additional education on fertility. An important part of how I run my midwifery practice is by offering complimentary Brick, NJ preconception counseling consultations to women or couples who are considering the option of a home birth or home water birth. If you’re looking into these alternatives for childbirth, please contact me so we can discuss your options.

Home Water Birth in Brick NJ

Welcoming a baby with a home water birth in Brick, NJ is a beautiful experience. It allows you as the mother to have more control of the situation and bring your baby into the world through a smooth transition from amniotic fluid to a bathing tub. I offer three different types of tubs for your Brick, NJ home water birth, the Aqua Doula Tub, LaBassine and Tub in a Box which would I will bring to your 36 week home checkup. In the situation of a home water birth, you have the option to “catch” your baby yourself, have your spouse catch the baby, or the midwife in the water birthing tub. Brick, NJ home water births are a wonderful alternative for mothers who feel they may need the help of the warm water to further relax. Endorphins are released once entering the warm water allowing the mothers body to lower its adrenaline and release natural hormones for pain relief. Contact our Brick, NJ midwife if this is what you want for your family.

Feel free to call either location with questions or to make an appointment, there is also a convenient contact form on the website that goes right to me. As a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and Licensed Midwife (LM), I look forward to working with your family!