Brick NJ

New Birth Experiences provides midwife and natural childbirth services in Brick, New Jersey, for families interested in water births and home births. For expectant mothers who want to welcome their child into the safe and comforting environment of their home, and who also wish to enjoy this comfort during the birthing process, we help you make the natural, homebirth experience safe and easy. An experienced midwife helps you through every part of the process, not only the natural childbirth but also preconception, prenatal care and postpartum care.

Families seeking a professional midwife for natural childbirth in Brick, New Jersey, will find an informed, compassionate and courteous partner at New Birth Experiences. We treat natural childbirth like the powerful life transformation it is, giving mothers support and assistance at every step in the process. The day your child is born is the most important day in your life, and a day that marks a completely new chapter in your story. Homebirth allows you to experience this process in the environment you are most comfortable in and in the place you will be raising your child. Having your baby at home in the company of your supportive midwife and your family reduces anxiety levels and therefore reduces pain, allows you to stay more comfortable, gives you access to all the things you need when you need them, and allows for a faster recovery.

Learn more about services from an experienced midwife and natural childbirth in Brick, New Jersey. Send a message or call our offices at 908-575-3282 or 908-507-1008 to learn more and schedule an appointment with a midwife.