Home Birth Midwife in Bedminster NJ

Childbirth is a magical experience that women have the honor of experiencing. For some mothers, having this experience in a hospital is not for them as it can be a stressful environment. As a home birth midwife in Bedminster, NJ I offer services beginning at preconception counseling, prenatal care, home birth or home water birth and postpartum care for both the mother and baby. Several of my clients ask about having a pediatrician present for the birth of their child. Since I am a Licensed, Certified Professional Home Birth Midwife serving Bedminster, NJ, I am qualified to care for your newborn immediately after birth. Still, it is recommended that you have a pediatrician on call in case any issues arise.

Preconception Counseling in Bedminster NJ

Step one, get pregnant. Well, sometimes this takes a little time and even if you’re not yet pregnant and looking into your options, I can help! Preconception counseling in Bedminster, NJ is exactly how it sounds, counseling for conceiving. During preconception counseling we work together on learning your body better, tracking your cycles, nutritional counseling and more. Fertility is not easy and you (and your spouse) don’t have to do this alone. Visit our Bedminster, NJ preconception counseling page for more information.

Home Water Birth in Bedminster NJ

Did you know that relaxing in warm water helps to soften the perineum and reduce the chance of tearing and needing stitches? Choosing a home water birth in Bedminster, NJ allows the mother to lessen the stress on her body as the water supports the weight of the baby and lets the mother find more comfortable positions than normal. Labor is physically easier in general with home water births, allowing the mother to more calmly focus on the childbirth process.

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